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About Brooklyn

About Four DRobotics®

Four DRobotics is a united, multi-disciplinary team of Robotics and Physical Security Defense Experts bringing a world leading AI ENABLED AUTONOMOUS SECURITY VEHICLE to market

About Brooklyn
Our Products are a solution that addresses end to end requirements for deploying autonomous vehicles

Our Service

Physical Security is the first application of the Four DRobot®,
and we chose to incorporate The Four Ds of Physical Security for our logo.


Identify and Report a Threat.


Discourage persistent threat with sustained security presence.


Warn threat that it has been identified and reported.


Engage security system to restrict access.

Our Service
Our Service

Products and Services

Four DRobotics® provides the Autonomous Vehicles as a Service Product Line for the management of autonomous uncrewed vehicle teams and Services to:

  • Install, support, maintain, integrate, and customize uncrewed vehicles.
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Future Applications


Increase efficiency of product manufacturing and process safety by minimizing down time through early detection of malfunctions or failure to equipment.


Detection in Real-time events that affect airport operations, flight data and crew availability; and recommending corrective responses autonomously.

Traffic Flow

Detecting and analysing traffic patterns and then Coordinating traffic lights in real time to dynamically reduce traffic congestion.

Power Plants

Recommending appropriate operational procedures by detecting events that affect operation such as, fire, traffic accidents, weather, etc.

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